Saturday, August 15, 2009

van den Bosch at Summer 2009 (update!)

We have just got back from our wonderful vacation in Italy! We spent 2 weeks. We went by car to Lugano, at the Italian part of Switzerland, where we stayed at a great hotel in front of the Lake Lugano. August 1st is the Swiss National Day, so we saw all the fire works from our hotel room balcony! Spetacular! After that we went to Genova, where we took the ferry boat to Sardinia (Sardenha). This ferry was excellent - you drive in with your car, you have a cabin with beds and bathroom, and there are several restaurants where you can eat at.
Sardinia, what a beautiful place!! I have never, never seen in my life such a blue sea water! Really turquoise blue (azul turquesa, a cor do mar!). We swam, we rented a sail boat for the day, we had delicious italian food and wine, and above all, we spent a great quality time just the three of us!!!
Steph was a total princess and behaved really well! She smiles to everyone, and she was the star of the hotel (everybody loved coming to say hi to her and get a smile from her!).

Here there are some pictures of our trip and of our little princess that is now 7 months old!
Steph´s development: she can roll over, she can seat with some support, she makes different sounds every day and sometimes talk like if she was telling you a story (in her own language!).

Monday, May 11, 2009

My First Mothers' Day!!!

May 10, 2009 - My first mothers' day! (actually last year, during mother's day I was already pregnant but didn't know it!).

We celebrated with Stephanie and my mom!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

They grow fast

People always say:"Enjoy your infant. They grow so fast." And it is true. Stephanie is almost 3 months old and it is amazing how she is growing. Yesterday she gigled for the first time when daddy was talking to her! So cute! (she smiles a lot!)

She is an excellent baby. Very calm and only cries when she is hungry or when she cannot fall asleep by herself.

She loooooves her bath time and the warm temperature of the water makes her splash water with her feet!

She also loves when we put her on the changer. She does not exactly likes the diapper changing, neither the clothes changing, but what she likes is to be laying down there, looking at us and smilling while daddy and momy work hard to clean her or to put very complicated outfits on her! (why did people invent bodies with no buttons on the front, so we have to pass those tiny clothes through the small baby's head???).

She also loves sleeping on our laps. It is her favorite thing to do.

As I spent all my 24 hours with her, I had to start adopting the swing (a little reclined chair she can seat on (on one of the pictures)) - so I can put her there and take her with me around the house (while I have lunch, while I clean her clothes, etc). I am actually now typing on the computer while she is deep asleep on her litte chair, right close to me.

Another thing that made my life easier with a baby at home was the Baby Bjorne! I can put her there and go do my things, while she is "attached" to me and almost always falls asleep. My friend Claudinha also told me that those carriers are the mother's best friends on airplanes! Good tip!

Being a mom has been an increadible experience. Both from the point of view of emotions and from the point of view of body limits (I haven't been sleeping that much, and I do not understand how I can still last standing during the day). But above all I LOVE being with her and everytime she gives me a smile I realize what a blessing it is to have her in my life!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stephanie - 1 month

On Febrruary 2 my sweet, cute, gorgeous, beautiful daugther turned 1 month old!!!! She has been growing a lot (now with 4Kg) and with cute cheeks (muitas dobrinhas gostosas!!!).

On the day, we celebrated it! I cooked a chocolate cake for her, put ballons and we sang Happy Birhtday for her in Dutch and in Portuguese!!!!

Here are some pictures.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Welcome to the World, My Daughter!

We would like to introduce you the most beautiful girl in the whole universe: our daughter, Stephanie!
She was born on January 2nd at 21:39 h(almost on my birthday - the 3rd)!
She was born with 3 Kg and 48 cm! She is very healthy, calm and attentive (plus VERY beautiful). She pays attention to us and love cuddling to fall asleep.
John and I are completely in love and still overwhelmed with her beauty and with the amount of love with her for her!
What an experience to have a daughter! Everybody always told me that a person can only understand that experience (and the unconditional love we feel) when becoming a parent.
We are walking on clouds with so much happiness...........

Monday, November 10, 2008

Being Pregnant

Our baby girl has 30 weeks, 1.5Kg and is training to be or a bailarina or a soccer player..she kicks the whole day!!! What a energy!!!!
Last week I started to feel when she has hic cups (soluços)....poor girl...She has it twice or three times a day...I read in the internet that hic cups do not bother the babies when they are in the womb, and that it actually put them to sleep...
Today I started my pre-natal class in Lausanne. It was very interesting. John could not come - he will join me in two weeks. It´s fun to learn some many things about being pregnant, birth, baby, etc.
Pictures (fotos): taken by my good friend Claudinha. Obrigada amiga! Ficaram otimas!

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Baby Girl´s Room

Começamos em Agosto..primeiro tivemos que tirar todas as coisas desse quarto, que era o meu escritorio.
Depois veio a tinta da parede..que indecisão..fomos não sei quantas vezes na loja de material de construção daqui....mas finalmente decidimos pintar de amarelo clarinho... (na epoca nao sabiamos se era menino ou menina). Depois compramos pela internet o papel de parede do um nome complicado...Nijntje é o nome do coelhinho holandes...que vai ser o tema do quartinho dela.
Minha mamy estava aqui e nos ajudou MUITO!

Depois compramos os móveis....foi uma loucura...tivemos que trazer a cadeira de balanço amarrada em cima do carro do John!!!!
Ai depois começamos a comprar as coisas rosinhas (depois que soubemos que teremos uma linda menina!). De pouco a pouco o quarto vai ganhando forma e cor. Ainda preciso arrumar os armários e comprar umas coisas que faltam...mas ainda temos 3 meses para a chegada da nossa princesa!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Casamento da Ju e viagem pelo Brasil

Dia 27 foi um dia muito especial. Eu e o maridinho (e a bebe) viajamos para o Brasil para o casamento de uma grande amiga, a Ju Watanabe! Nossa, que casamento lindo! Eles estavam radiante, ela uma princesa, e era felicidade pura no ar! Encontrei a Pri, a mãe dela, a mãe da Cla e a Patricia (amiga da Cla). Foi um super reencontro! Além de emoções no casamento!
Juju e Mauricio - toda felicidade do mundo para vocês!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nossa viagem no Brasil depois incluiu 3 dias em Pernambuco (Recife e Tamandaré - um dos meus lugares preferidos no mundo). Comi a minha fruta preferida (manga rosa), bebemos muita agua de coco..e aproveitamos muito o sol e prainha! Passamos depois alguns dias no Rio curtindo familia (meu sobrinho está quase com 1 ano, e está a coisa mais linda desse mundo!) e fiz o meu chá de bebe!
Foi a primeira viagem da nossa bebe ao Brasil!!!

Aqui vão algumas fotinhas.


PS: A nossa bebe já está com 800 g e super, super saudável! Está chutando pacas, e as vezes parece que está dançando dentro da minha barriga!!! Hahahaha...Amo tê-la dentro da minha barriga....claro que mal posso esperar para tê-la aqui fora conosco.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

We are having a Girl!!!!

Last thrusday went to the doctor to do the 20th week exams, and we ended up knowing that we are having a GIRL!!!!! A little princess!!!

She is very, very healthy and is 22 cm long, with 400 g!!!!! She is growing very fast and started to kick like a professional futball player (who knows, right? A daugther of a brazilan girl and a dutch guy!!!!! She has to be good in soccer!!!!)

We are very, very happy!!!

Last weekend we started organizing the baby room. we are using my old office. We had it painted in light yellow, with a paper wall stripe of cute dutch rabbits. We bought the crib, the comode, the changer, wardrobe and a rocking chair. All in white. Now we are starting to buy the things to decorate!

In the beginning of August I went to Dubai for work. My mom was visiting, so she decided to go with me. It was lots of fun (after I fininsh with work), and we bought lots, lots of things for the baby! amazing how things are cheap there!!!! Interesting city, but so, so, so warm! (43 degrees celsius at midnight!).

Well, we will keep you posted when we have more news on our cute baby girl!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vou ser Mamãe!!!!

O milagre do 1+1=3 aconteceu! Estamos "expecting"!!!!!
Ainda não sabemos se é menino ou menina, mas ja vimos o bebe várias vezes pela ultrasonografia.
Estou com 17 semanas. O bebe está com uns 14 cm e 200g. O coração batendo super forte e super saudável!!! Eu estou super bem também. Tenho que admitir que no começo me sentia cansada com tudo e sem vontade de comer. Mas não fiquei enjoada como normalmente as grávida ficam. Que bom, ne?
Aqui vai algumas fotos da minha barriga...ainda está pequena, mas já está com cara de grávida!!!! Estou adorando!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oi - Atualizando

Oi Gente!
Desculpe, mas tenho estado SUPER sumida! Foi uma mistura de "vida corrida" com preguiça. Tenho que ser honesta.
Mas aqui vai alguns "updates" da minha vida:

1) Hoje é o aniversário do maridinho!!!! Parabéns, mijn schatje!!! Dia 19 foi o aniversário da minha mamy querida!! Parabéns mamy!!!

2) Meu sobrinho Matheus continua crescendo e lindo! (vejam a foto - ele não está a coisa mais linda desse mundo???)

3) Minha querida amiga Claudinha teve um bebê LINDO e fofo, chamado Dylan!! Parabéns aos papais!!!! (estou sempre lendo o seu email e vendo as fotos!!!)

4) Trabalho: super intenso. Tenho viajado para Moçambique e tenho me envolvido mais em operações, que é o core business da empresa. Estou adorando.

5) Daqui a 1 mes, estarei embarcando com o maridinho para a nossa viagem de comemoração de 3 anos de casados (2 anos no religioso)!!! Vamos para Singapura, Tailândia e Japão! Estamos super animados! Vai ser a minha primeira vez na Asia!!!! Can´t wait!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

When in Switzerland do like the Suiss (Na Suiça faça como os suissos)

Last weekend John and I went to Champery, a mountain city on the suiss alps. A very charming and beautiful place. And the best? A Ski station!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Here zou can find ski places EVERYWHERE, as Geneva/Morges is surrounded by mountains, and we are 40 minutes away from the french and suiss alps!!!!!

So, we went there saturday afternoon, got a very cozy hotel and went for drinks/dinner with friends. And on Sunday I went with the group to ski and John enjoyed the sun with a fun book and a glass(es) of beer! We had lunch together, and in the afternoon we headed back to Geneva for a delicious indian dinner.

An important & cool note: last week I bought all my gears to ski, so on the weekend I used them already (put them on the back of my cute and gorgeous TT and headed to the mountains). Now I have my own boots, skis, pools...even have a cool bags to carry evertyhing!!! It is like a dream coming true that I have my own skis!!! And they work perfectly on the white fluffy slopes!!!!!

In the winter here, people go to the mountains (to ski) during the weekends like people in Brazil go to the beach. It is increadible the amount of people on the roads, with their skis on the roof of their cars.....And as we are living here now - we have to do like the suisse do, right?

Here some picture of the beautiful Champery.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The new member of the family!!!

Hoje realizei um dos meus maiores sonhos: comprei o meu primeiro carro! E ele não é um carro qualquer, é o carro dos meus sonhos!!! Acordamos cedinho e fomos lá na concessionária buscá-lo. Já levamos as placas para colocar, e já tínhamos providenciado o seguro na semana passada - só aqui na Suiça: antes de termos comprado o carro, ja tínhamos o seguro e a placa!!!!
As fotos falam melhor do que eu. Vejam só que coisa linda!!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

4 Anos de muita felicidade!

Ontem, domingo dia 10 de fevereiro celebramos 4 anos que eu e o maridinho estamos juntos. A nossa história começou mesmo 2 anos antes, mas foi em 2004 que começamos a namorar para valer.
No dia 10 de fevereiro de 2004, ele me chamou para ir ao cinema.O que menos eu me preocupava era com que tipo de filme.....fomos ver o filme The Butterfly Effect. Foi durante o filme que ele me pediu um beijo e começamos a nossa trajetória juntos.

O filme fala sobre as pequenas decisões que a gente faz nas nossas vidas e que mudam as nossas vidas completamente. O filme é meio louco, mas nos deixa pensando em todas as coisas que já fizemos (ou deixamos de fazer) que influenciaram totalmente o que somos hoje.

Agora, uma super coincidência: Ontem, no final do dia, deitamos no sofá para assistir televisão e ver se assistíamos a algum filme...não é que estava passando na tv o mesmo filme que fomos ver quando começamos a namorar (o The Butterfly Effect)?????!!!!! Que coincidência!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mas um motivo para lembrarmos daquele dia especial!!!!