Saturday, March 21, 2009

They grow fast

People always say:"Enjoy your infant. They grow so fast." And it is true. Stephanie is almost 3 months old and it is amazing how she is growing. Yesterday she gigled for the first time when daddy was talking to her! So cute! (she smiles a lot!)

She is an excellent baby. Very calm and only cries when she is hungry or when she cannot fall asleep by herself.

She loooooves her bath time and the warm temperature of the water makes her splash water with her feet!

She also loves when we put her on the changer. She does not exactly likes the diapper changing, neither the clothes changing, but what she likes is to be laying down there, looking at us and smilling while daddy and momy work hard to clean her or to put very complicated outfits on her! (why did people invent bodies with no buttons on the front, so we have to pass those tiny clothes through the small baby's head???).

She also loves sleeping on our laps. It is her favorite thing to do.

As I spent all my 24 hours with her, I had to start adopting the swing (a little reclined chair she can seat on (on one of the pictures)) - so I can put her there and take her with me around the house (while I have lunch, while I clean her clothes, etc). I am actually now typing on the computer while she is deep asleep on her litte chair, right close to me.

Another thing that made my life easier with a baby at home was the Baby Bjorne! I can put her there and go do my things, while she is "attached" to me and almost always falls asleep. My friend Claudinha also told me that those carriers are the mother's best friends on airplanes! Good tip!

Being a mom has been an increadible experience. Both from the point of view of emotions and from the point of view of body limits (I haven't been sleeping that much, and I do not understand how I can still last standing during the day). But above all I LOVE being with her and everytime she gives me a smile I realize what a blessing it is to have her in my life!