Saturday, August 15, 2009

van den Bosch at Summer 2009 (update!)

We have just got back from our wonderful vacation in Italy! We spent 2 weeks. We went by car to Lugano, at the Italian part of Switzerland, where we stayed at a great hotel in front of the Lake Lugano. August 1st is the Swiss National Day, so we saw all the fire works from our hotel room balcony! Spetacular! After that we went to Genova, where we took the ferry boat to Sardinia (Sardenha). This ferry was excellent - you drive in with your car, you have a cabin with beds and bathroom, and there are several restaurants where you can eat at.
Sardinia, what a beautiful place!! I have never, never seen in my life such a blue sea water! Really turquoise blue (azul turquesa, a cor do mar!). We swam, we rented a sail boat for the day, we had delicious italian food and wine, and above all, we spent a great quality time just the three of us!!!
Steph was a total princess and behaved really well! She smiles to everyone, and she was the star of the hotel (everybody loved coming to say hi to her and get a smile from her!).

Here there are some pictures of our trip and of our little princess that is now 7 months old!
Steph´s development: she can roll over, she can seat with some support, she makes different sounds every day and sometimes talk like if she was telling you a story (in her own language!).